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About us

Just who are SAVi?

SAVi is part of one of the UK's leading home automation businesses, The Majik House.

Based in Kirkby Lonsdale, close to the beautiful countryside of the Lake District, The Majik House have been in existence since 1998. Our work incorporates everything you can imagine in "smart home technology", including design and installation of home cinemas, dynamic audio, intelligent lighting and security systems.

This includes single-room, multi-room and whole house solutions for private residential and commercial clients across the UK and further afield as well. Our work has led to numerous industry awards and accolades, as well as working with many famous and high profile clients.

To find out more about The Majik House, the people behind the brand and examples of our work, visit

Why have we launched SAVi?

In our experience, there is a growing number of people who are passionate about high quality audio, home cinema and smart home technology. Increasingly we find an audience who want to design and install their very own bespoke systems and we believe we are in a the best position to support their ambitions because:

We Personally Recommend the Products

We personally research and incorporate the majority of products you'll find on the SAVi website in The Majik House's projects. Our high reputation relies in no small part on the quality and performance of these products - if they're not the best, we simply wouldn't use them and we wouldn't expect you to.

We Know the Products Intimately

It's a fact that a number of leading manufacturers ask us to "bench test" and evaluate their products, simply because we know what we're doing and how something should perform. Because we know how these products perform, we can tell you what will be best for your requirements.

And if Something Isn't Working...

...then the combined SAVi / Majik House team are best positioned to know what's likely to be causing any problems you may be experiencing; chances are, we will have encountered similar issues at some point in our history so can talk through and resolve problems quickly and effectively.

We anticipate you're someone who wants to buy the very best system and equipment for your money, and you want to install it yourself because you have an aptitude for working with these products. When you purchase from SAVi, you'll find we're here to share our knowledge and discuss your system requirements - your assured partner for everything in smart homes!

Chances are, we'll be speaking with you at some point along the way, ensuring you get the right kit for your project and offering sound advice from the industry specialists. We look forward to welcoming you as our customers!

Tim & Stacey

PS. Looking for inspiration? Why not take a look at our gallery of projects The Majik House have recently completed

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