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How to fit your inside mount Lutron Blind

16th Mar 2017

It's very simple and quick to install your own Lutron Blind

Rako Bridges: An overview

27th Feb 2017

One of my favourite things about Rako systems is their range of “Bridges”. But what are they? And why should you add one to your system?

Setting a Lutron SeeTouch QS Keypad for scene control

7th Feb 2017

The scene settings are programmed on the Grafik Eye QS unit, this guide will explain how to ensure that the keypad is accessing your chosen scenes. Unprogrammed (out of the box) SeeTouch Keypads and Grafik Eye QS units will work together until they are reprogrammed otherwise.

An introduction to wall mounted speakers

16th Dec 2016

If you’ve had a look at our speaker range already, you’ll notice that we have a large range of wall mounted speakers available. There are three main categories; In Wall, On Wall and Invisible speakers.

Linking your Pico Remote to a Grafik Eye QS

12th Oct 2016

If you're buying a Pico remote to use with your Grafik Eye QS, this handy guide will talk you through how to link them.

Part 2: The Lutron Grafik Eye -Explained!

17th Aug 2016

Wondering which keypads are compatible with the Grafik Eye QS? We explain your options...

Part 1: The Lutron Grafik Eye - Explained!

20th Jul 2016

What is a Grafik Eye - and where should you use it? We explain in this quick guide to the Lutron Grafik Eye

What will I need for a Rako Wireless system?

13th May 2016

We're often asked what components are required for a Rako lighting control system. This isn't always easy to explain over the phone because each job should be treated individually, but this great video from Rako HQ is a fantastic starting point.

A guide to measuring Lutron Blinds

31st Jul 2014

We know it's not always easy to measure for your blinds - here's our guide to the basics

SONOS Systems

17th Mar 2014

The What Hi-Fi? article on SONOS Systems is definately worth a read, it outlines all the basics you need to know about setting up your own SONOS system.

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