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Part 1: The Lutron Grafik Eye - Explained!

The Grafik Eye QS from Lutron is a fantastic piece of kit, but to get the most from your Grafik Eye unit you need to understand when and where to specify it.

The Grafik Eye QS is available as a 3 Zone, 4 Zone and 6 Zone unit. In simple terms, a zone is a circuit of lighting; so, a 6 Zone Grafik Eye will control up to 6 circuits. Unfortunately, Lutron don't produce a standard Grafik Eye QS capable of handling more than 6 circuits, don't be caught out by buying a DALI unit when you don't need it!

What is DALI?
DALI is an acronym for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, it's not very common in domestic installations and is more often seen in commercial properties - even then, you don't see it very often. Be aware that all fittings must be DALI if you're using a DALI Grafik Eye.

 The circuit limit on the Grafik Eye unit is one of the key reasons why we recommend that the Grafik Eye is used as a lighting control system for a single room, it becomes overly complicated when you try to use a single Grafik Eye to control multiple rooms of lighting.

Lutron Grafik Eye Diagram

 Regardless of how many Zones of lighting your Grafik Eye is capable of controlling, you can program up to 16 scenes into the memory of your Grafik Eye. Four of these scenes, plus off, can be accessed using the scene control on the front of the unit. The others can only be accessed using the info screen on the right-hand side of the unit.

What is a Lighting Scene?
A lighting scene is created by combining different levels of lighting from different circuits in order to create a 'scene'. Take a look at the grid below:

  Low Level Kitchen Kitchen Spots Dining Pendant Dining Feature
WELCOME 100% 100% 100% 100%
COOKING 100% 100% 0% 0%
DINING 50% 0% 100% 80%
NIGHT 10% 0% 0% 10%
OFF 0% 0% 0% 0%

When you're planning your lighting scenes, you should consider how you plan to use the room when those levels are selected. In this example, a 4 Zone Grafik Eye is used to control 4 circuits of lighting in a small kitchen/diner.

We'll revisit scenes another day - they can be difficult to get your head around!

All of the Grafik Eye units can be bought in a variety of finishes. The most common finish is white with a translucent black top, but they are available with more stylish metal finishes such as Satin Chrome. When considering if the extra money is worth it, consider where the Grafik Eye unit will be located. If you plan to put the Grafik Eye in a cupboard and use SeeTouch Keypads in the room, it might be worth spending extra on the keypads to get a stylish finish rather than spending it on the Grafik Eye itself. If you plan to have the Grafik Eye on display, I would spend a bit more to get a finish that matches your decor. 

Lutron Grafik Eye QS 4 Zone in Satin Chrome

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