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Part 2: The Lutron Grafik Eye -Explained!

Often we're asked what else you need to make the Grafik Eye work. Not much! We include a free backbox with all of our Grafik Eye units, some other retailers don't, and all other items are optional.

As I mentioned in part one of this series, the Grafik Eye can be hidden away in a cupboard if you'd prefer to have a neater keypad on display. If you choose to do this, you'll need some high quality CAT5/CAT6 cable to link the Grafik Eye unit and your chosen keypad - We personally recommend the SCP-HNC-Pro cables.

What do the keypads look like?

Grafik Eye QS Keypads are know as SeeTouch QS wallstations. The ones listed on our website are known as 'International' SeeTouch QS Wallstations, these are square and fit into a standard 35mm deep backbox. There are a number of configurations available, with between 2 and 10 buttons.

 Some of the Lutron SeeTouch International Keypads Available

Generally we suggest using a 5 button keypad with raise and lower, most situations don't require more than 4 scenes and an off scene. If you'd prefer to have more options for scenes, then we do offer a full range of SeeTouch keypads.

Likewise, Lutron offer a wide range of finishes for the International SeeTouch QS wallstations, including Satin Chrome, Bright Chrome, Bright Brass and a White Plastic finish. If you're interested in a finish that isn't listed here or on a product page, please contact us and if Lutron produce it, we can supply it!

Please be aware that some finishes take longer than others to supply. A limited number of finishes are stock items, others may be in stock in the UK but not at our Kirkby Lonsdale offices and certain finishes are produced on request and can take some time to manufacture. If you're working to a set timeframe, please contact us before placing your order and so that we can provide an estimated delivery date based on your selection.

 What about wireless controls?

The Pico Wireless control is a compact RF remote control, with a range of up to 9m. Like the SeeTouch keypads, they're available in a range of configurations. However the Pico range is currently limited to a maximum of 3 buttons, plus raise and lower. It's also limited to a choice of black or white.

 Lutron Pico Remotes

 Depending on how your Grafik Eye QS system is configured, the Pico can be used to control a scene or zone. As a result of the number of button options available, the Pico can't be used to control more than 2 scenes. 

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