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We have carefully selected our favourite HiFi components; including speakers, amplifiers, music streamers and all-in-one boxes. You can arrange to come and hear most of these in action at our showroom in Kirkby Lonsdale.

rPlay Music Streamer

Arcam rPlay Music Streamer

From £349.00



From £499.00

CDS27 SACD/CD Player

Arcam CDS27 SACD/CD Player

From £699.00

FMJ A29 Class G Integrated Amplifier with Remote Control

Arcam FMJ A29 Class G Integrated Amplifier with Remote Control

From £849.00

A39 Class G Integrated Stereo Amplifier

Arcam A39 Class G Integrated Stereo Amplifier

From £1,249.00

FMJ SR250 Receiver

Arcam FMJ SR250 Receiver

From £2,499.00

FMJ C49 Pre-Amplifier

Arcam FMJ C49 Pre-Amplifier

From £2,749.00

FMJ P49 Power Amplifier

Arcam FMJ P49 Power Amplifier

From £3,249.00

FMJ A49 Integrated Amplifier

Arcam FMJ A49 Integrated Amplifier

From £3,999.00

FMJ P349 Power Amplifier

Arcam FMJ P349 Power Amplifier

From £3,999.00

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