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Warranties & Guarantees

All electrical and electronic products and equipment offered for sale on is covered by individual manufacturers' guarantees and warranties and, in the unlikely event that something does go wrong with your purchase, we shall always stand by this. Typically, these warranties can vary from 6 months to 24 months.

What do the Guarantees Cover?

If your item develops a fault or there is a mechanical breakdown of a product through normal use during the guarantee period, we'll arrange for it to be repaired free of charge, including all parts and labour.

Unfortunately SAVi are not able to extend our guarantee should ownership of the equipment transfer to another party, although individual manufacturer's warranties may still be valid.

Resolving Problems or Faults with Equipment.

It is expected that you will install and operate any equipment in-line with the manufacturer's published guidelines, and in an environment suitable to optimum operation. Failure to do so may breach the terms of any warranty or guarantees. If in doubt, please refer to any operation manuals or literature that are supplied with the product and/or consult the appropriate manufacturer's website.

If you are still uncertain, contact Customer Services at SAVi and discuss the issue with one of our team. You can email us at or call us on 01524 272 450.

Some manufacturers offer extended warranties or service plans for their products. Should you take up such an option, please note that this is an agreement between the purchaser and the equipment manufacturer.

If your product develops a fault during the guarantee period that needs to be repaired, please look for any obvious or visible signs of breakdown or malfunction and refer to any fault-finding guides in the manufacturer's handbook.

Please do not take apart or disassemble the product as this will mean your guarantee or warranty will become invalid. Likewise, any equipment repaired, or attempted to be repaired, by a third party without prior approval by SAVi (or The Majik House Company Limited) will render any guarantee or warranty null and void.

Should you not be able to resolve the problem after consulting the handbook, please contact Customer Services at SAVi and discuss the issue with one of our team. You can email us at or call us on 01524 272 450.

We'll ask you to provide us with information such as the make and model number, date of purchase and a brief overview of the problem. Please ensure you keep your receipts from SAVi as proof of purchase as these will form part of your guarantee.

If it's not possible for us to repair an item that has developed a fault during normal operation, then we shall replace with an identical item or an item of equivalent specification. If we are not able to provide a like-for-like replacement, we shall contact you as soon as possible to discuss a suitable alternative.

Example Guarantee Exclusions.

  • Accidental damage including, but not exclusive to, being dropped, flood damage, fire, theft, weather, (these may be covered by your household contents insurance).
  • Repairs required due to external factors including faulty software or computer virus.
  • Poor performance due to low broadband strength or bandwidth.
  • Any consumables such as batteries, electrical fuses or light bulbs etc.
  • Loss of data stored on any writeable/rewriteable/ media hard drive devices 
  • Any cosmetic imperfections which have occurred post-receipt of goods such as scratches, dents, colour variations etc. We ask that you inspect all items upon delivery and inform SAVi immediately if an item has been damaged in transit.

Please Note: our guarantees cover goods purchased and used in the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Products purchased in the UK and then taken outside of the UK for use or installation are not covered by the standard SAVi guarantees.

Technical Support.

In the first instance, please ensure you have thoroughly read any instruction manuals and supporting literature that has been supplied with your equipment. This may also involve visiting the manufacturer's website for further information.

Should you still have any queries or issues with a product purchased from SAVi and it's installation or operation, please contact us at or call us on 01524 272 450 and we shall endeavour to help you resolve any queries or technical issues.

Currently we are not able to provide 24 hour support and our typical support hours are as follows:

Monday to Friday: 9.00am - 5.00pm
Saturday: Closed
Sundays and UK Bank Holidays: Closed

Telephone calls are charged at the standard national rate.

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